The Microverse Cluster seeks to attract excellent minds from all over the world and fosters international collaborations by creating a creative and inspirational working environment. Our International Scientists Exchange Program will coordinate research stays of visiting professors to Jena and short-term fellowships for Jena’s early career researchers to perform part of their research in laboratories abroad or in industry.

Are you interested in joining our Microverse Cluster for a research stay? Contact us: contact@microverse-cluster.de

Equal Opportunity

The Microverse Cluster strives to provide the best possible working conditions for all its members – regardless of nationality, gender, age or health. The equal opportunity officer is happy to provide advisory support on this topic to all staff members. The Microverse Cluster will specifically promote the career development of female researchers, to achieve gender balance even in senior academic positions.

Angela Köhler


Family and Career

We understand the reconciliation of family life and a scientific career as the crucial basis for successful research work. The Friedrich Schiller University Jena and the participating non-university research institutions are members of the ‘Jena Alliance for Families’, which promotes a family-friendly infrastructure and culture.

The Family Office (‘JUniFamilie’) at the Friedrich Schiller University supports employees and students in all matters related to balancing studies or career with family commitments.