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| Haus auf der Mauer, Großer Saal, Johannisplatz 26

Book Club "Science Meets Society"

We are happy to announce our next installment of Science Meets Society Round Table, a place to discuss topics of ethics, equity and inclusion in science, and the role that our work plays in society. This time around, we will read and discuss several shorter texts on the topics of sustainability, resource use/exploitation, and the outsized effect of climate change (measures) felt by poor countries.

We will discuss the following texts:

Sie Wollen Hier Nicht Weg  - from Die Zeit, accessible to those with Thulb access, English translation available upon request after registration
In Scramble for Clean Energy, Europe Is Turning to North Africa  - from YaleEnvironment360
Selections from Earth4All: Executive Summary (available online in English, German and other languages) and Deep Dive: Climate change mitigation strategies (available online in English).
Bonus article on resource exploitation and iron mining in Guinea (slightly off topic but really interesting!):  Buried Secrets

Please register here if you plan to attend: https://cloud.uni-jena.de/apps/forms/s/56Gq9Tbb8ktY46wq2kdP3kZ7