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| Rosensäle, University of Jena

Symposium: The Plant Microverse

Join us on 25 April 2023 for a one-day symposium on plant-microbial research, bringing together experts from doctoral researchers to esteemed professors. A unique opportunity to share novel ideas and findings, we have assembled a prestigious panel of guest speakers with expertise in various facets of plant-microbe interactions. From exploring the phyllosphere to analyzing the rhizosphere, from investigating crop plants to delving into model plants, from ecological to molecular methods, our guest speakers cover it all.

The symposium will kick off with the guest speakers sharing their pioneering research, offering invaluable insights into their areas of expertise. This will be followed by a stimulating roundtable discussion, giving both the speakers and the audience a platform to exchange ideas and perspectives on plant-microbial research.

Join us in this dynamic and intellectually stimulating symposium, where we seek to broaden our understanding of plant-microbial research and the impact it has on our world.

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