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| Online Workshop

Unconscious Bias

In this 2-hour online workshop you will learn more about unconscious biases by our Guest-Trainer Roland Engel from factor-D Diversity Consulting. He will talk about the types, functions and neuroscientific origins of unconscious biases, and how they automatically occur in all of us. With the help of practical examples and short videos you will understand how these automatic assumptions affect decision-making in the workplace and how they influence the areas of collegial cooperation, recruitment and academic supervision.

This interactive workshop will include discussions on effective methods and best-practice examples on how you can become aware of these automated decision-making processes, so that we can develop a more inclusive workplace with decisions based on evidence and facts, rather than intuitions.

All members of the Microverse Cluster are cordially invited to apply for this workshop.
Please be aware that participation is limited to 14 people and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.
Apply by sending an email to roman.witt@microverse-cluster.de