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Three Collaborative Research Centres receive further fundig

The three Collaborative Research Centres (CRC) AquaDiva, FungiNet and Polytarget – all thematically linked to the Cluster of Excellence Balance of the Microverse – have been evaluated successfully and will receive funding by the German Research Foundation (DFG) for another four years. CRC AquaDiva – Understanding the Links between Surface and Subsurface Biogeosphere AquaDiva scientists have been investigating how water connects surface and subsurface habitats and how local geological conditions and surface conditions determine the properties and functional diversity of subsurface habitats since 2013. The DFG has now decided to continue funding the consortium with about eleven million euros. …

hertweck_jung price

Christian Hertweck received Ernst Jung Prize for Medicine 2021

Metabolic products of microorganisms from which new antibiotics can be developed - this is one of th…

German Center for Mental Health in Central Germany gets funded

Mental health is a precious commodity. Every year, almost 18 million adults in Germany are affected …

Alliance of defense: bacteria join forces against a common enemy

Two bacterial species cooperate chemically with each other to fight off amoebae that generally consu…

On the cultivation of elusive microorganisms

Microverse Cluster member Christian Jogler and his colleague Muriel van Teeseling give an insight on…

Small molecules control bacterial resistance to antibiotics

Antibiotics have revolutionised medicine by providing effective treatments for infectious diseases s…


Microorganisms in art

The fact that microbiologists are fascinated by microorganisms is probably in their nature. The beau…

Two new junior research groups

We extend a warm welcome to Amelia Barber and Martin Taubert who are each starting their own junior …

Ute Hellmich is appointed as the first professor within the Microverse Cluster

With great pleasure we announce that Ute Hellmich, currently at the University of Mainz, has accepte…

Upcoming Events

Online Seminar

Internal Seminar


Photoinducable localizable modulators by Nino Eberhardt (supervisor: Hans-Dieter Arndt)


Secondary metabolome dynamics in structured artificial microhabitats by Stafnie Lawrinowitz (supervisor: Dirk Hoffmeister)


Reconstruction and metabolic characterization of stable microbial consortia supporting Termitomyces monoculture within fungus-farming termites by Christine Beemelmanns (postdoc: Jannis Fricke)


If you are no Microverse member but you would still like to participate in this seminar please send an email to contact@microverse-cluster.de for access details.

Online Event

JSMC/ILRS Alumni Meeting

The 3rd Alumni Meeting for the JSMC and ILRS aims to bring current and former members of JSMC and ILRS together for networking purposes. During the event, you will have the opportunity to get (back) in touch and exchange experiences with current doctoral researchers and your former fellows. We will hear lectures about the different professions of former doctoral researchers with time for questions and exchange, followed by an online socializing event.

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Online Symposium

"Immunity and Cancer" Women in Science Symposium 2021

The 'Women in Science' Symposium, organized by the CRC 1335 'Aberrant Immune Signals in Cancer' will host female international leaders in the field of Cancer and Immunology. The symposium will provide insights into top-class research and especially aims at encouraging female scientists to pursue a successful career in academic research by demonstrating exemplary career paths of leading female role models. The symposium will be complemented by an exciting panel discussion between scientists and renowned experts in woman's rights.

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Online Colloquium

MiCoCo 'Jena Star Talk': Prof. Erika Kothe

"Bio-Geo Interactions and Extreme Mental Tolerance in Streptomycetes" by Prof. Erika Kothe, Microbial Communication, Friedrich Schiller University Jena

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Online Symposium

6th International Symposium on Systems Biology of Microbial Infections

The systems biology of microbial infection aims to understand the interaction between hosts and pathogens by the integrative combination of experiment and theory. The focus of this symposium is on the interaction between the immune systems of humans or animals and bacterial of fungal pathogens.

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Microbial Kitchen

Microorganisms like bacteria and fungi have a big influence on our lives. Often they appear to us as threats to our health but that is only a very narrow view on the functions and abilities of microorganisms. In fact, life would not be possible without them: a balanced microbiome keeps humans, animals, plants and ecosystems healthy. Moreover they are significant for our nutrition – humans have been using microorganisms such as yeast or lactic acid bacteria to produce food for thousands of years.

Members and friends of the Microverse Cluster and the Jena School for Microbial Communication have revealed their favourite delicious recipes which involve the activity of microorganisms. You will also find information on typical microorganisms used for food production.

Discover the Microverse and enjoy the microbial kitchen!