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Dairy Cultures: Exhibit about the Science of Mongolian Heritage

Christina Warinner, one of our Microverse Principal Investigators, and her team developed an exhibit "Dairy Cultures: Unveiling Mongolian Heritage through Science," highlighting their five years of collective research at the Natural History Museum of Mongolia and the American Center for Mongolian Studies. This multidisciplinary endeavor intertwines archaeology, anthropology, microbiology, nutrition science, and medicine. The primary emphasis of the exhibit is on their extensive research into Mongolia's enduring tradition of dairying and its unique microbial heritage. A companion virtual exhibit in partnership with the University of Colorado is planned for release online in Octobe…

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New video series: "Three Questions For" launched

With the new video series "Three Questions For", we provide crisp insights into the research…

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New approach in the treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)

The prebiotic resistant starch could play an important role in the treatment of non-alcoholic fatty …

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Inspirational Insights and Encounters: Microverse Symposium 2023 Culminates with Film Premiere at the Planetarium Jena

After two eventful days (4.-5.9.23) filled with discussions, presentations, and networking opportuni…

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New publication: Robust Biomarkers for microbiome-based stratification in lifestyle interventions

Shaping the gut microbiota can help prevent disorders and improve health, and scientists have been e…

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A fungus gets comfortable

Aspergillus fumigatus strains that infect humans have a significantly altered metabolism compared to…

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A new perspective in protein research

The ordered areas of proteins are readily studied. Consequently, a great deal is known about the rol…

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Preview: Internal Microverse Symposium

The balance of microbial consortia, in interaction with other organisms and the environment, is crit…

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Bacterial signallers in the soil

Bacteria of the genus Streptomyces produce chemical substances called arginoketides, to wh…

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Upcoming Events


Künstlerische Tatsachen: Arts and Science

Bringing science and art together and develop TRAFO Jena into a unique place of exchange between the disciplines!

"Arts and Science Soiree" closing event: 29.09. 2023,  4 pm – 10 pm at TRAFO Jena (Tickets can by purchased here)

For all those who can't make it on Friday, the exhibition in TRAFO Magazine will still be open from 30.9. - 8.10. (2 pm - 8 pm).


Internal Microverse Seminar

Cédric Lood, Microbial and Plant Genetics, KU Leuven
Scientist Exchange Program: Talk title TBA

Xia Jia, Viral Ecology, FSU
How microbial communities adapt to biotic and abiotic changes after community coalescence

SR Koch/Pasteur, Leibniz HKI

Jena Excellence in Microbiology Seminar Series

Martin Polz (Microbiology and Ecosystem Science, University of Vienna)

Co-Hosted by CRC ChemBioSys

Jena University

New Frontiers in Modelling Ecology and Evolution of Microbiomes

Microorganisms do not live in isolation but interact with each other and their environment. Despite their importance in maintaining ecosystem service and well-being, we still have much to learn about the ecological processes involved in microbiome dynamics. Given the increasing volume of data, modelling has proven to be a powerful tool to answer questions about microbiome composition, stability, diversity, and evolution. The aim of the symposium is to discuss recent advances in microbiome modelling and their potential applications.

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