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Archaeogenetic Research in Nepal

Microverse researchers present the results of Ancient DNA research in Nepal

Dr. Christina Warinner, Microverse Principal Investigator, and her team returned to Nepal to present their latest research findings on pathogen history, human population history, and food fermentation history in the High Himalayas.

The group shared their results at two university symposia at Tribhuvan University and Pokhara University and the ambassador’s staff at the US Embassy. Partnering with three K-12 schools they provided science-themed classroom activities to more than 180 students at the Ullens School and Rato Bangala School in Kathmandu, and at the Himalayan Buddhist Academy in Pokhara, Nepal. Aditionally, through the Lo Gyalpo Jigme Foundation, the group met Tibetan descendant communities and discussed their research with them.

For 15 years, Warinner has been conducting archaeological fieldwork and ancient DNA research in the Upper Mustang of Nepal. Studying dietary cultures and microbiomes of modern humans, but also the microscopic and biomolecular traces of food and microorganisms by prehistoric humans helps understanding how microorganisms have influenced human evolution and how they continue to shape and have an impact on human health today.

Learn more: https://christinawarinner.com/about-us/christina-warinner/.