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Call for Submissions: Microverse Photo Contest

As a Microverse member, you have until 28 June 2024 to submit your entry for the Microverse Photo Contest and the chance to win up to 300 euros.

Do you have captivating, high-resolution images of microorganisms under the microscope, especially fungi, microalgae, or bacteria? We want to see them!
Submit your best microscopy images for a chance to win one of the top three prizes.

Don't miss this opportunity to showcase your work while also supporting our outreach efforts - Submit your picture here!

Special requirements:

  • max. 5 MB
  • min. 72 dpi, better 300 dpi
  • png, tiff or jpg format
  • cmyk colour mode

We aim to showcase your images for the following communication purposes:

  • Social Media Posts
  • Website Gallery
  • (Scientific) Presentations
  • Outreach Events
  • Press Releases

Let's visualize the Microverse!