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Dairy Cultures: Exhibit about the Science of Mongolian Heritage

Christina Warinner, one of our Microverse Principal Investigators, and her team developed an exhibit "Dairy Cultures: Unveiling Mongolian Heritage through Science," highlighting their five years of collective research at the Natural History Museum of Mongolia and the American Center for Mongolian Studies. This multidisciplinary endeavor intertwines archaeology, anthropology, microbiology, nutrition science, and medicine. The primary emphasis of the exhibit is on their extensive research into Mongolia's enduring tradition of dairying and its unique microbial heritage.

A companion virtual exhibit in partnership with the University of Colorado is planned for release online in October.

Background: Mongolia has a unique history of dairy pastoralism. Researchers from Mongolia, Germany, Korea, and the United States have teamed up to study the long and amazing history of dairying in Mongolia - from its beginnings more than 5,000 years ago to the lives of nomadic herders today.

More impressions and current information on the exhibit:

Learn more about the associated Microverse research on microbiomes in earlier times and different places:

We are particularly interested in the question of how the ancient diets differ from our contemporary diet, and what the impact on our microbiome is: https://www.microverse-cluster.de/en/news/scientists-revive-stone-age-molecules.html.

Images: Impression from the exhibition opening © Christina Warinner

Poster Dairy Cultures

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