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Housewarming and lab tours at Microverse professorships

After our housewarming party at the Microverse interim building by Dutilh lab and Barber lab, Microverse professors Ute Hellmich and Rosalind Allen invited fellow Microverse scientists to their laboratories. Welcoming words by Microverse spokesperson Kirsten Küsel were followed by insights from Hellmich and Allen. It was a great possibility for Cluster scientists to come together and get to know the labs and their research while enjoying some food.

The Microverse Cluster profits from the expertise of the two outstanding scientists who filled the open Microverse professorships Biostructural Interactions (Hellmich) and Theoretical Microbial Ecology (Allen). The group of Ute Hellmich studies the molecular mechanisms and motions of (membrane) proteins from microorganism to man. Rosalind Allen's group focuses on microbe-environment interactions - how single-celled organisms such as bacteria survive and grow in complex and changing environments.