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Jena start-up awarded for innovative material

Felix H. Schacher
Felix H. Schacher

The Polytives GmbH from Jena was honored as part of the IQ Innovation Award for Central Germany. It impressed in the  category “Chemistry / Plastics” and won first place, which is endowed with 7,500 euros. In the race for the title of overall winner, the company that is a spin off from the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena also shone and reached second place.

Long-term influence on the plastics market

The additives from Polytives GmbH can be used in two thirds of all plastics and offer a safe alternative to toxic additives. With its innovative approach and tailor-made solutions for individual customer requirements, the innovation has outstanding market potential says Jörn-Heinrich Tobaben, Managing Director of the Metropolitan Region Central Germany Management GmbH in the decision of the jury. “We are proud that what started as an idea and has now turned into a startup is not only exciting for us. The great interest in our innovation drives us every day, ”says Viktoria Rothleitner. Her co-managing director, Oliver Eckardt, adds: "With the aim of having a lasting impact on the plastics market, we have set ourselves a high goal."

Excluding additives classic additives from plastics

Polytives develops and produces branched polymers that can be used as novel plastic additives. They offer the possibility of adjusting the viscosity, shrinkage and elasticity of the plastic material such that the classic plasticizer additives can be dispensed with and still obtain the desired elasticity. The novel additives from Polytives GmbH are not only adaptable and thus offer the customer a tailor-made solutions, but also have additional advantages over currently used additives. They do not migrate within the material and consequently do not detach themselves from it. They are chemically identical to the plastic itself - because the additives from Polytives GmbH are also based on polymers. This allows for the exclusion of the classic additives that have the ability to leak out of the plastic and pose a threat to the environment and human health.

“I am delighted that the Polytives idea has been met with such keen interest. The recognition of the chemistry cluster award will give us further tailwind and we look forward to putting our plans into practice, ”says university chemist Prof. Dr. Felix H. Schacher, who is a mentor and co-founder of Polytives.

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