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Journey of Discovery into the World of Microbes

Cluster of Excellence at the University of Jena presented its own science show to the public in the planetarium

The Cluster of Excellence "Balance of the Microverse" at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena recently presented its educational format "Science Event" to a wide audience at the Jena Planetarium. Under the motto "Making the hidden visible", the audience took part in a fascinating journey into the world of microorganisms.

"Science events are a great way of communicating complex scientific content to the public in a vivid and exciting way. We are delighted with the interest shown by all the microbe fans who took part in the events," says Kirsten Küsel, Professor of Aquatic Geomicrobiology at the University of Jena and spokesperson for the Microverse Cluster.

The event featured interactive hands-on parts, pictures and information. Entertainer Jack Pop hosted the program and illustrated the importance of microorganisms for humans, animals and plants in the environment. A special highlight was the film 'KARL and KARLA in the Microverse. A journey through the fascinating world of microbes'.

"Our planetarium film is at the heart of our educational activities. They are the key - especially for schoolchildren - not only to impart knowledge, but also to ignite passion and curiosity for science," explains Antje Nieber, Marketing Manager of the Microverse Cluster.

In addition to the general public, pupils from Angergymnasium Jena also took part in another event. "We will use the feedback from our pilot events to further develop the format for specific target groups and offer it to schools and interested members of the public in future - in collaboration with the Jena Planetarium. Schools or school classes that would like to take part in the science events are welcome to get in touch with us," Nieber adds.

Pictures: Annegret Günther-Mitsching (University of Jena)