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Microorganisms in art


The fact that microbiologists are fascinated by microorganisms is probably in their nature. The beauty of those tiny organisms is made visible for others by the Museum SincIair-Haus: images of microorganisms like amoeba, fungi and diatoms are displayed at the current exhibiton “What is nature?” The microscopic images where contributed by scientists from the Research Cluster of Excellence Balance of the Microverse.

“What is nature?”

Ecological crises caused by climate change and the rapidly increasing extinction of plant and animal species clearly show that humankind is part of ecosystems that it influences significantly, and which it also depends on. How do we console our role in this global ecosystem by asking the question “What is nature?”

Featuring works of art and objects from the natural sciences and cultural history, the exhibition invites visitors to start to question their assumptions about nature. It explores the connections between plants, animals, culture, technology, humankind and microbes – and tries to provide a new perspective on the world around us. What this world will look like in the future depends strongly on how humankind decides to exert and limit its own influence. What kind of nature do we want? And what can we do to make sure it persists?

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Exhibition “What is nature?”
Museum Sinclair-Haus

Text: Alena Gold & Museum Sinclair-Haus
Photos: Anja Jahn & Michael Habes