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Shanghai Archaeology Forum honors Christina Warinner with 2023 Research Award

Dr. Christina Warinner has been awarded a prestigious Research Award by the Shanghai Archaeology Forum (SAF) in recognition of her contributions to the study of ancient human microbiomes. The Research Award recognizes excellence in archaeological research based on rigorous studies utilizing laboratory and scientific analyses that contribute to comprehensive and multi-year research projects, theories, methods, technique breakthroughs, or groundbreaking synthesis works. http://shanghai-archaeology-forum.org

Dr. Warinner and nine other finalists, selected from a pool of 131 nominated scholars, will formally receive their award and give a research presentation at the 5th Shanghai Archaeology Forum held in December 2023 in Shanghai, China. This year's event, titled "Archaeology of Climate Change and Cultural Sustainability," will highlight the SAF Awards program, recognizing individuals and organizations that have achieved distinction through innovative, creative, and rigorous works relating to our human past, and have generated new knowledge that has relevance to the contemporary world and our common future.

Photo credit: Kevin Grady