Research in Jena

Jena provides an attractive research environment with a highly integrative network of natural and life science research groups. The Cluster of Excellence Balance of the Microverse at the Friedrich Schiller University combines expertises in life, optical, material and computational sciences to elucidate the role of microbiomes in different habitats in order to identify overarching regulatory principles that can be harnessed to address societal needs in healthcare and environmental stewardship.

In addition to the university, the Jena university hospital and eight non-university research institutes (3 Max Planck, 2 Leibniz, Fraunhofer, Helmholtz and DLR) participate in the Cluster. Balance of the Microverse builds on the achievements of the Excellence Graduate School, Jena School for Microbial Communication, and is supported by four Collaborative Research Centers, along with other coordinated research programs and local partners of the high-tech industry.

Friedrich Schiller University

Friedrich Schiller University Research

New Professorships within the Microverse Cluster

The Friedrich Schiller University is appointing four professorship positions within the Cluster of Excellence.

Biostructural Interactions

This professorship focuses on the characterization and functional analysis of (sub-)cellular structures, such as pili, gated channels or vesicles, that mediate the contact, signal transduction and/or chemical exchange within microbial communities as well as with their environment and host organisms.

Theoretical Microbial Ecology

The professorship will develop overarching theoretical and conceptual principles of the recruitment, maintenance and functionality of microbial consortia, as well as developing data analysis tools for extracting fundamental and recurring patterns and commonalities.

Viral Ecology

This professorship will establish the research focus on the characterization and functional analysis of environmental viromes, including aquatic ecosystems or other habitats.

Microbiome Dynamics

We seek a candidate with a successful track record in microbiome research with emphasis on Fungi. This professorship will be expected to carry out a rigorous research program in the dynamics of host-associated microbiome composition and function, incorporating the fungal component of microbiomes.