Research Data Management

The Research Data Management subgroup aims to establish a data management platform to support the generation, preservation and integration of Microverse research data. An integration layer is being developed and implemented on top existing platforms (e.g. from collaborative research centers and the upcoming NFDI4Microbiota), allowing the search for existing data and supporting data synopsis.


We are currently setting up two research data repositories:

OMERO* (biological imaging data)
BEXIS (for other types of data)

*For now, these repositories are accessible from the University of Jena internal network or through its VPN.

Data Management Planning

The Data Stewardship Wizard was used to gather information from the subgroups for defining their Data Management Plans. After their approval, they will be made available in this page.

Data Stewardship Wizard


Upcoming events

Second Microverse RDM Workshop (25.07.2022, 13:00 - tentative)

Past events

First Microverse RDM Workshop (25.04.2022, 13:00): updates from the RDM team were provided in the weekly Microverse Seminar series, followed by an interactive session with participants.


Upcoming courses

  • Biological Imaging Data Management with OMERO
  • Research Data Management with BEXIS
  • Best Practices for Scripts and Scientific Workflows

Past courses

  • Research Data Management – Make your data count!: April 20 and 22, 2022
  • Research Data Management for Biomedical Researchers: March 07 and 09, 2022
  • Metabolomics Data Management - Bring Your Own Data: June 01, 2021
  • Introduction to Research Data Management (Microverse): May 10 and 12, 2021


We participate and collaborate with different RDM initiatives:



Research Data Alliance

National Research Data Infrastructures

National Research Data Infrastructures


Collaborative Research Centers

Collaborative Research Centers


University of Jena

Team and Contact

Birgitta König-Ries
Birgitta König-Ries


Christoph Steinbeck


Martin Hohmuth
Martin Hohmuth

Software Developer