The interactions of complex microbial communities with each other, with higher organisms and with the abiotic environment determine the functioning of ecosystems, our climate and the well-being of all organisms.

In our Cluster of Excellence we investigate the dynamic balance of microbial consortia, the underlying factors and responses to disturbances. Our cross-system approach aims to identify commonalities and differences in patterns and regulatory mechanisms in the different Microverses.

Teaser: Microverse of the Environment

Microverse of the Environment

lays the groundwork for experimentally determining microbial balance and dysbalance by generating synthetic microbial consortia and analyzing microbial communities from aquatic habitats

Teaser: Microverse of Host

Microverse of the Host

aims to increase our functional understanding of the dynamics of human and plant microbiomes - their recruitment, composition, chemical exchange and their role in host development and fitness.

Teaser: Embedded Research Areas

Embedded Research Areas

These embedded research programs provide a platform for developing new bio-imaging technologies and for the integration of highly diverse data sets.

Teaser: Research Data Management

Research Data Management

The Research Data Management subgroup aims to establish a data management platform to support the generation, preservation and integration of Microverse research data.