1. Our understanding

New findings come to life through their utilisation

In order to transfer knowledge and innovations from Microverse research into practice and application, we combine translational research with knowledge and technology transfer:

  • Knowledge transfer characterises the exchange and dissemination of knowledge (findings, methods) between different stakeholders within and outside the cluster, and especially with the public.
  • Translational research emphasises the transfer of knowledge from basic research into technical and clinical practice (products, therapies)
  • Technology transfer describes the transfer of specific concepts, technologies, products or processes from research into practice. This can include the founding of start-ups, the licensing of patents or collaboration with industry in order to transform research results into marketable products, services or solutions

2. Our approach

Our scientists and research partners make an important contribution to basic research, for example in the microbial ecology of the environment, microbial communication, antibiotics research and infection research. Our aim is to translate relevant research findings and innovations for a fundamental understanding of the Microverse into practice. Our focus is on the concrete application and practical benefits of a healthy Microverse for society.

We therefore see ourselves as a platform that generates the necessary knowledge about the Microverse and then processes it to make it available for further development and utilisation.

3. Our process

  1. Basic research by PIs and Microverse members
  2. Regular exchange of information in the cluster and cluster networks
  3. Generation and processing of knowledge by Microverse (e. g. through scientific publications, patents, workshops...)
  4. Dissemination of knowledge, technologies and innovations to stakeholders and co-operation partners
  5. Integration into established local translational research institutes with the aim of developing user-orientated and practice-relevant solutions

4. Our collaborations

4.1 Translational research landscape in Jena (diagnostics, therapy and therapy monitoring):

4.2 Established industrial collaborations

  • Carl Zeiss (partner in the Microverse Imaging Center)
  • Analytik Jena (cooperation partner for the development of a high-performance robotic platform for natural product screening and bioactivity assays)
  • Dynamic42 (partner for organ-on-chip development)
  • SmartDyeLivery (potential partner for targeted drug delivery | BMBF Athana)